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Preventative Maintenance & Cal-OSHA Inspection Program

  1. Lubricate machine elements and accessories according to manufacturer's specifications.
  2. Inspect all equipment oil/lube as required. Report any excessive leakage.
  3. Visually inspect cables, sheaves and drums for wear, proper condition and lubrication.
  4. Inspect load block and hook for distortion and excessive wear.
  5. Inspect hoist and trolley frames, catwalks and handrails for loose bolts, broken parts, misalignment, broken welds.
  6. Open control boxes and check all contact for wear and adjustment.
  7. Inspect safety equipment for general condition and repair.
  8. Inspect motors, couplings, external wiring for wear and deterioration.
  9. Inspect end stops, rail sweeps, drop lugs and shock absorbing bumpers for general condition.
  10. Visually inspect control functions on variable and/or single speed cranes (push buttons and contractors) for smoothness of level.
  11. Inspect for oil leaks and mechanical irregularities not previously reported.
  12. Inspect motor brakes and adjust as required operational test all brakes for possible need of replacement of brake linings, brake shoes, discs.
  13. Inspect collector shoes, brushes or wheels for arcing and/or wear.
  14. Furnish customer with proper Cal/OSHA documentation (forms) signed by our service technicians complying with article
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Ph: 800.972.4611
2041 E Locust Ct
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